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Agency.Asia Adfest ‘Made in Asia’ 2009 Report

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Issue #02 - Insight

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adfest 2009It was an interesting year at Adfest. Entries were down – by almost half - and yet it made for a better event all around in our opinion. While there was still a lot of scam work, it was mainly the clever scam work [with a few glaring exceptions].

t stands to reason that with less money to go around the various shows, a lot of the fillers that get entered on a wing and a prayer got knocked on the head back on the advertising agency pool tables, particularly in Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, Manila, Shanghai, Seoul and dozens of cities in between...



With numbers way down, Adfest was a more intimate event than in previous years. It was a well-organized show and perhaps a pity that so many people missed it this year. Kodak put on a fantastic affair that arguably overshadowed the official yacht club event.

That was followed by JEH having their ‘Black Friday’ 4th Birthday party which was one very fun night. But we weren’t at Adfest 2009 to party, we went to celebrate creativity itself – and party as a result.


The Adfest committee strongly rebuked rumours of Adfest moving to Shanghai. Thailand’s repugnant town Pattaya, however, is an unworthy choice of venue. This is among the most beautiful - and creative - countries on Earth, but until its middle class does something to end corruption and the resulting exploitation of youngsters from its dirt-poor North feeding the sex trade, we would cast a vote for another country in Asia.

For an industry that seems to spend a substantial amount of time writing advertisements for social causes, it is ironic that so few in the industry have raised any audible objections. It is crying shame that so many Adfest delegates must leave with the impression that this is representative of the rest of Thailand.

bruce lee
Check out Adfest TVCs here

We have included the official Adfest statistics that are quite fascinating when you stop to think about how dramatically some players bombed when taking into consideration the sheer volume of unsuccessful entries they submitted. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


tokyo,melody road,adfest

One of the most truly ingenious pieces of communication went to Dentsu Razorfish Tokyo for its 'Melody Road' safety awareness campaign. It is not difficult to describe, but it still is one of those things you have to see with your own eyes – or hear with your own ears.

Basically, grooves were cut into a road surface at precise intervals, such that when a car was driven along the kilometer stretch of bitumen at precisely the speed limit, this would set up vibrations that very passably reproduced a classical symphony. Obviously this fact was signposted, alerting drivers and letting them know what to expect.

It was so captivating it is perhaps surprising that drivers were distracted and ran off the road, or simply fell asleep at the wheel. It was an exceedingly worthy winner of the INNOVA Lotus Award for outstanding innovation in communication.

INNOVA Lotus Award



insetTag-team BBDO/Proximity and Saatchi & Saatchi that did that country proud also. The ‘Best of Show’ Jeep Posters from BBDO Malaysia were superb. In case you haven't seen the detail up close ...







BBDO Malaysia - Best of Show Poster Lotus

BBDO Malaysia wins Best of Show in Poster Lotus award
BBDO Malaysia wins Gold of Cyber Lotus
BBDO Mebourne wins Direct Agency of the Year
Saatchi Singapore wins gold Poster Lotus award



A couple of Australlia's standoutrs were the 'Skins' campaign from hotshop, Furnace, in Sydney taking Silver and Leo Burnett, Melbourne, winning Radio Lotus Best of Show plus Gold and two Silvers for its 'Non Stop Talking' Connex campaign - radio at its humorous best! Of course, there werea handful of deserving winners that unfortunately can’t all be mentioned here.


Leo Burnett Hong Kong wins Design Lotus
Y&R Mumbai wins Gold Radio Lotus Award



We did, however, try to distil the best of what the judges judged and included it here. Further PDF information about the individuals involved in each campaign can be downloaded:


But perhaps the most enormously deserving performance at Adfest came out of JWT Shanghai. They had a number of other agencies nipping at their heels, but ultimately their medal haul of Silver in Film and Gold for Animation in the Film Craft category. Gold and 3 Silvers in Posters; Silver and Lotus Roots in Press; 3 Gold and Lotus Roots in Print Craft; and finally 2 Bronze awards in Outdoor won them a deserved overall Agency of the Year victory. We caught up with them after they got back to Shanghai and spoke to the creative team – story here.


JWT Bangkok gets Film Craft Lotus award from Sue McCready
JWT Bangkok wins Gold award of Film Lotus
JWT Shanghai wins Print Craft Lotus Gold award
JWT wins Network Agency of the Year
JWT wins Network Agency of the Year
JWT Beijing wins Gold Cyber Lotus
JWT Shanghai wins Agency of the Year
JWT Shanghai wins Gold of Poster Lotus


ADK Tokyo wins Gold award of Outdoor Lotus
China Environment Protection Foundation gets the Advertiser of ther Year
Dentsu Tokyo wins Interactive Agency of the Year
Film Craft Lotus award winner
GT Tokyo wins Best of Show of Cyber Lotus
GT Tokyo wins Gold Cyber Lotus
Illusion Bangkok wins Print Craft Lotus
Lowe Indonesia wins Gold award of Film Lotus
Mark Tutssel gives Poster Lotus awards to JWT Shanghai
Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok wins Gold award of Film Lotus
Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo wins Gold award of Film Lotus
Ogilvy Beijing wins Best of Show of Outdoor Lotus
Vince Frost giving award to Design & Print Craft Lotus
Poster Lotus winners
Remix Studio Bangkok wins Print Craft Lotus

Press Lotus Award given by Toshiaki Nozue


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