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21. Adeline Tan of The Talent Business
(Issue #01/Interviews)
In an industry where headhunters spend an excessive amount of time introducing customers and talent over lengthy liquid lunches, it’s refreshing to meet one who isn’t a candidate for rehab. Our interviewers ...
22. Frequent Questions
(Uncategorised Content)
... best part is that this is a resource for Asians [we include Aussies and New Zealanders, as we like hanging out with talented neighbors]. If you’re from America or Europe, you owe it to yourself to check ...
23. Submit to Agency.Asia
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Firstly, join Agency.Asia as a member - then head on over to DesignWeek.Asia sign-up and submit your portfolio there. If you're good, then our talented talent scouts will recognise the fact and there's ...
24. Models
Models. An essential part of many successful advertising campaigns - and often difficult to find when you need them most. Agency.Asia intends to build the most comprehensive registry of talent across the ...

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