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21. Jim Aitchison: Back to Batey Ads
(Issue #02/Interviews)
... Group Singapore. In bygone days Batey Ads was one of those iconic agencies that most evertbody dreamed of working for whether they were fresh out of college or already firmly established in the advertisng ...
22. The Ian Stewart Rapport
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... Shanghai and a few times in Singapore, I have been lucky enough to have been on the ground all around the region. As I turn grey, I now worry if an interest in youth culture is going to start to raise ...
23. The Jureeporn Thaidumrong Hour
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... has a reputation for being one of the best creative and fun loving nations on the planet and agencies like JEH United, JWT, Creative Juice/G1 and half a dozen others continue the tradition. While Singapore ...
24. Edmund Choe - The Amazing Saatchi-Man
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... It’s like a roller coaster ride - you can’t remember what exactly happened but you just can’t get enough of it. My first 10 years was spent in Saatchi Singapore, where I had the pleasure of working with ...
25. Shooting with Dominic Khoo
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... a talent with a cheeky grin and a whopping social conscience. Ageny.Asia: Consider your extraordinary body of work coupled with your tireless effort with charities. Is it true the Singaporean Government ...
26. Sean C
men/sean-singas NAME: Sean C, BASED: Singapore, HEIGHT: 6ft, CHEST: 40, WAIST: 32, HIPS: 35, SHOES: 11, EYES: Brown, HAIR: Brown, AGENCY: Scout International  ...
27. Fukuoka H
men/fukouka-singas NAME: Fukuoka H, BASED: Singapore, HEIGHT: 188, WAIST: 31, SHOES: 11, SUIT: 48L, EYES: Brown, HAIR: Brown, AGENCY: AVE Management  ...
28. Leto L
women/keidi-bkk NAME: Leto L, BASED: Singapore, HEIGHT: 5'7.5 VITAL STATS: 34 23.5 35, SHOES: 8, EYES: Dark Brown, HAIR: Dark Brown, AGENCY: Scout International ...
29. Gwen L
women/gewn-singas NAME: Gwen L, BASED: Singapore + NYC, HEIGHT: 176 VITAL STATS: 32 24.5 34.5, SHOES: 9, EYES: Brown, HAIR: Black, AGENCY: AVE Management  ...
30. Claire Q
women/claire-singas NAME: Claire Q, BASED: Singapore + Australia, HEIGHT: 180 VITAL STATS: 32 24.5 34.5, SHOES: 9, EYES: Blue, HAIR: Light Brown, AGENCY: AVE Management  ...
Possessing the talent to drive ludicrously quickly simply isn’t enough to make the cut in the world of motor racing. These young stars need to be graced with Adonis-like good looks and present as articulate ...
32. Singapore Print Ads
Check out these great print ads from Singapore... if you'd like to submit your recent print ads for consideration, email us your work (in jpeg format, no larger than 1400 pixels wide) for consideration. ...
33. The Neil French Interview
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... head. Meetings that might be over in minutes in the West will grind on for hours and even days - very politely - in Asia. Tell us your most amusing coming together with Singaporean culture when you were ...
34. Adeline Tan of The Talent Business
(Issue #01/Interviews)
...  The most glaring mistakes are: Presenting work in dribs and drabs i.e. a print ad here, a DM piece there - i.e. ‘being all over the shop’ as we Singaporeans often say about people who are disorganized. ...
35. Singapore
36. R3
... year, R3 ran China reviews for Tiffany, VISA, Coca-Cola, Singapore Airlines and LOreal.  You can contact her at ...
37. R3
... year, R3 ran China reviews for Tiffany, VISA, Coca-Cola, Singapore Airlines and LOreal.  You can contact her at ...
38. Brandwise
... R3 ran China reviews for Tiffany, VISA, Coca-Cola, Singapore Airlines and LOreal. You can contact her at  ...

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