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21. McCann and Microsoft - The X-Factor
(Issue #01/Interviews)
As part of what will become a regular series of insights into branding success stories, we caught up with the Tokyo-based Global ECD of McCann Erickson, Jeremy Perot, and Eli Friedman, Senior Director ...
22. Shooting with Dominic Khoo
(Issue #01/Interviews)
They call him a ‘rising star’ but Dominic Khoo is already among the very best in the world... He is an astonishingly prolific fashion photographer. Actually, it must be said he’s pretty much mastered most ...
It is time now - someone has to announce, officially, that the advertising industry is dead. Business is now only interested in creating brand communications strategies, it is not really interested in ...
24. Ant Keogh - the "BIG AD" man
(Issue #01/Interviews)
Ant Keogh is the maestro of mixing media and juggling genres, boasting a career that is as schizophrenic as it is humongous. Last time we spoke he had just taken Gold at Cannes, One Show, AWARD, M2C, Adfest, ...
... information about the teams results and activities. yoong Agency.Asia: You were once quoted as saying, ''There's only half-a-Chinese who has ever raced in F1, and that's me.” Of course, being ...
26. The Neil French Interview
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... to this love affair? And another Quirky Question, “What annoys you most about the image of your country and its citizens abroad?” (Aged 40…possibly my most-quoted line. Tragic, ...
27. Adeline Tan of The Talent Business
(Issue #01/Interviews)
In an industry where headhunters spend an excessive amount of time introducing customers and talent over lengthy liquid lunches, it’s refreshing to meet one who isn’t a candidate for rehab. Our interviewers ...

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