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41. Ant Keogh - the "BIG AD" man
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... His work is incredibly attractive in that way, the kind of thing that would attract a cat. “Wow, look it’s so shiny.” Agency.Asia: People would be forgiven for assuming that you are art-based, whereas ...
... of the biggest events are anything to go by there were unbelievably few people in the grandstand - compared to Europe. Having won the inaugural A1GP – the World Cup of Motorsport - in Shanghai, do you ...
43. The Neil French Interview
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... first-rate site: “Contrary to what people may think and have been saying for the last couple of years, he's very supportive of woman creatives. I can guarantee that because I am actually ...
44. Adeline Tan of The Talent Business
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... CVs are coming from the West - Europe, America as well as from Down Under. The quality of the books have been very good- I just wish there were more jobs for these people now. The kind of briefs that ...
45. Frequent Questions
(Uncategorised Content)
... culturally diverse regions on Earth and one that boasts a dozen different languages - and hundreds of dialects. It is impossible to have thousands of people communicate in so many languages on the one ...
46. Submit to Agency.Asia
(Uncategorised Content)
... Agency Asia', then you should definitely send the works to [don't forget to include all the credits for the people who worked on the campaign! Credit where credit's due!]. We have ...
47. Why Register?
(Uncategorised Content)
... rather than a passive observer. You need a sign-in to create your own cool profile. You can allow people to contact you for job offers without the receptionist telling your boss. You will almost certainly ...

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