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... creatives', the ones who came up with and produced the actual advertising campaigns. The ones who managed the clients - sold them the ideas and collected the commissions - have always been known as the ...
22. Ant Keogh - the "BIG AD" man
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... considered to be among the very best creatives in Australia. Agency.Asia: As if your role as a creative director wasn’t enough, you’re also a prolific fine artist, a director, a musician and a married ...
23. The Neil French Interview
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... first-rate site: “Contrary to what people may think and have been saying for the last couple of years, he's very supportive of woman creatives. I can guarantee that because I am actually ...
24. Adeline Tan of The Talent Business
(Issue #01/Interviews)
... - and what creatives must do to keep their head above water. Agency.Asia: Sorry to kick things off on a decidedly sour note, but it is a regrettable fact that there are many advertising agencies that have ...
25. Can you "Crack the Brief"?
(Crack the Brief/2009)
... world. One part of this site is called “Crack the Brief”, a competition for existing and aspiring advertising creatives, under the age of 30, and a citizen or legal resident of one of these countries (POP ...
26. Frequent Questions
(Uncategorised Content)
... this folio resource will highlight creatives rather than simply featuring their hard work, as is often the case. We will expose the best artists - and the hugely promising - to the most influential audience ...

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